Opinia Auditores SL is an auditing firm established in 1997.

Thanks to our commitment to fulfilling our clients’ needs, we have experienced a sustained growth, leading our company to offer a wider range of services.

Currently, our professional team comprises 16 economists with strong academic backgrounds and extensive work experience under the leadership of Cándido Cobo Sainz and Javier Legaz Ortiz. We have offices in Santander and Madrid and carry out work throughout Spain and abroad.

The company is a member (membership number S-1167) of the Spanish Register of Statutory Auditors (Registro Oficial de Auditores de Cuentas, ROAC) and a member of the Register of Audit Economists (Registro de Economistas Auditores, REA). In addition to that, our team members are certified as individual active members of the ROAC, and they are affiliated both with the REA and with the Spanish Institute of Chartered Accountants (Instituto de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de España, ICJCE).

While adhering to our stance of complete independence, we also have access, through edisaasesores, to the reciprocal professional support of external partners with experience in other fields that complement our activity, such as tax law and labour law among others.