Year-end auditing

  • We provide the service of auditing annual financial statements, both individual and consolidated and both mandatory and voluntary
  • We produce audit reports for financial statements under Spanish law (General Plan of Accountancy, Plan General de Contabilidad) and under international law (International Accounting Standards)

Other auditing work

  • Review and verification process of accountancy statements and other documents as independent experts
  • Audit reports when compulsory according to commercial law
  • Secondary equity offerings to account for new credit
  • Equity cancellation to cover losses
  • Valuation of a fair price for equities
  • Valuation of non-monetary income
  • Projects of corporate mergers and divisions
  • Other tasks of reviewing and verifying financial situations and specific financial aspects, as well as reviews of particular requirements that clients may request

Audit certificates for jointly funded or subsidised projects

  • European subsidies: projects jointly funded with European funds (Seventh Framework Programme)
  • Projects jointly funded with national funds (Regional Incentives, Avanza Plan, INNPACTO Programme, etc.)

ECOEMBES Declaration